The pursuit of an active lifestyle is a vital part of many ours or our children’s lifestyles. Nevertheless, sports and recreational activities are also the most frequent cause of dental injuries. These are often highly painful and may necessitate extensive, costly treatment later in life. Mouthguards bought form stores are only able to provide limited protection and in many cases are uncomfortable and can affect our breathing and communication ability. A custom made mouthguard from Gordon Family Dental provides the maximum level of protection and comfort. Its tailored fit will protects all your teeth and its form fit prevents the mouthguard from shifting around the mouth, enhancing your breathing, speaking and sporting experience.

A custom fitted mouthguard is a small investment to give your teeth the best protection during an active lifestyle to help prevent the risk of injury and lasting problems. Gordon Family Dental also provides custom fit mouthguards in a range of colours with most Australian Teams colours available. Contact Gordon Family Dental to arrange a custom mouthguard fitting to protect your smile today.