Dentist West Pymble

Dentist West Pymble

Gordon Family Dental is a professional team of highly motivated dentists dedicated to giving you a fantastic smile. We are the local family dentist West Pymble and we are great with both children and adults. We use innovative technology and state of the art equipment in a safe and fun environment.

We are a family based practice has a reputation of being professional, friendly and caring. We ensure that all your visits are as relaxing and comfortable as possible.

Our services include tooth whitening, root canal therapy, minor oral surgery, veneers dental crowns and dental implants. We also offer information on oral hygiene and how to keep your mouth as health and clean as possible.

For more information or to make an appointment contact us on (02) 9499 5086

Our Services

  • Dental Crowns West Pymble
  • Dental Veneers West Pymble
  • Dental Implants West Pymble
  • Dental Filings and Restorations West Pymble
  • Invisalign West Pymble
  • Orthodontics West Pymble
  • Teeth Whitening West Pymble
  • Root Canal Therapy West Pymble
  • Minor Oral Surgery West Pymble
  • Wisdom Teeth West Pymble
  • Preventative Dentistry West Pymble
    a. Oral Hygiene
    b. Periodontal Treatment
    c. Mouthguards

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